PLEASE HELP!!! Export file turns it to data not mp3 or wav!

I’ve been using audacity for years, I create paraliminal hypnosis MP3s for individual use & website sales. I have tried 65 times in the last 3 days to export this multitrack file as I’ve done over a hundred times before. The finished file is now in one file on my laptop, but REFUSES to send it via email or export it to Dropbox or iCloud as MP3 or WAV or Audio. It keeps sending it as 29 data files. I’m so stressed as I have multiple people waiting for this prepaid product. Can someone please help me? There isn’t any phone number or email or instant messaging. I can’t find any other app or software that’s easy to use that does the same thing. I’ve also remixed the MP3 3 times, I can’t export anything any more IM DESPERATE!:pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

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