please help check noisy audio lecture

Please i need help to check this sample from audio lecture which is very noisy and have a lot of echo due to bad recording.
Can anyone help to make it a better and clear voice and give me the steps he did on it, to apply to the rest of audio files for this lecture
I don’t have any experience with audio, i tried many times but the voice is still very bad.

Not much can be done with that. In future you need to get the microphone much closer to the person that is talking.

You’re stuck.

People still do this for a reason.

Very few people get good recordings from the back of the hall. There are no good echo and reverb tools.


ok dears, i know that is fault.

but at least can any one remove the noise and make the sound clear so i can hear it.

some good steps from experts will make a difference.

Attached is the clip with Noise Reduction applied.

I used the area between 7.8 and 8.7 seconds as Profile (Noise Reduction—First Pass).

Then I applied the correction to the whole clip (Noise Reduction—Second Pass) with the settings 12, 6, 6.

No tools I know of will make the large room echo go away.


Many Thanks dear
appreciate your cooperation.

actually, i have another question, i need to more professional in audio engineering.
can you advise me from where i can start?

i need to more professional in audio engineering.

That covers a lot of ground. Do you want to design microphones?