PLEASE HELP! Cant save project and part of audio file missin

Hey all,

So in a frantic dash I had to record with audacity since my video recorder seemed to have failed right before a show. I rushed in and told my tech to record. The 1st session was fine, but when I went to save the 2nd session it says “Could not save project, file is not writeable or the disk is full”. I have a feeling it ran out of hard drive space and it locked up. I can export the audio but the last 10 minutes are missing. I can see on the timeline there is audio there but it just wont play. Is there anyway to fix this or a workaround? I am going to have a pissed off client if this failed. Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

The blue waveforms come from a separate place than the actual show, so it’s not that surprising to get a production with silent waves under stress conditions. It’s false advertising. There is no show during those portions.

A full drive isn’t the only way to get that error. You can put characters in a filename that inadvertently point to a drive that isn’t there. Dates are famous for that. Today is 2017-10-26, not 10/26/17. The slashmarks can cause problems. The only universally safe characters are upper case , lower case, numbers, dash (-) and underscore (_). Even if your computer accepts a wide range of characters, you have to watch you don’t send your show files to somebody with a computer type that doesn’t accept them.

Or, you could have actually run out of drive space. Do you check every so often? Past having a trashed show, Windows has to share drive space with the show (on a one-drive machine such as a laptop). Windows itself could start to act funny as it can’t do its own housekeeping. Have you had any other messages or warnings?