please help 2---- how many files can i import

when i import 6000 file it stopp after 1000 nearly

unless i have space in temp

how can i import 6000 together ?


Why would you import 6000 files?

When you import a file, Audacity makes a lossless copy of the audio. If you import an MP3 file that is 1 MB, Audacity may take up 10 MB of space to make the lossless copy.

If you import 6000 files into one project, you could be using many GB’s of temporary space. The project will probably be very slow to respond or unmanageable.

What exactly are you trying to do? If you told us that we may be able to suggest a better method.

If you want to apply some effect to 6000 files, use Chains and choose the option to Apply to Files. That way, Audacity cleans the temporary space after processing each file.


sorry but after edit then apply to chain what i do

to save files after effect

If you have created your Chain, then File > Apply Chain…, click to select the Chain you created then click “Apply to Files…”.

In the window that opens, select the files that you want to process, no more than 1000 files at a time. You will not be able to process all 6000 files at one go.

In that window, you can only select the visible files that are in the folder that is open. Audacity cannot see files that are inside the folders in that window. So make sure all the files you want to process are in one folder.



it done succesfull

but last help

how i do with un reccognized file to make effect

Audacity cannot apply it

is there any solution

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If the file is in a format that is not recognised by Audacity, you will need to convert it to a format that Audacity can recognise.
If the file is corrupt, you will need to fix it.
If the file has an incorrect file extension, you will need to rename it with the correct file extension.


If you install FFmpeg from then you should not have to convert the files before importing them into Audacity.


nice thanks