Please end this nightmare (ffmpeg extension problems)

I’m running ffmpeg 2.2.2 and ive tried the latest version of audacity (2.1.2 i think) and 2.0.6

im trying to import an mp4 file with two audio files that work (plays and switches tracks in VLC)

i’m running windows 10.

in my libraries under preferences it sees ffmpeg (that i downloaded from the link on the audacity wiki, the one that audacity itself sends you to when you press download under libraries)

yet after prompting me to import two aac files (which is correct) the same error box that comes up if you dont have the ffmpeg library installed comes up. Under the help box, it tells me to install ffmpeg.

I have been trying to fix this for five straight hours.

PLEASE if anyone could help me I would be very grateful.

-a very stressed out mable

mp4 file with two audio files

How about one MP4 file with two audio tracks or shows? Since MP4 is a video format, what are the two different shows or tracks? Where did the MP4 come from? Are we talking about a movie and you’re trying to split the stereo from the surround offerings?

Go to Edit → Preferences → Libraries. Does Audacity find the FFmpeg library?

I think there’s a way to extract audio with VLC.

TAudioConverter can probably to it too.

thanks for the quick replies, I’ve tried vlc and many other programs, i will have to see if your other suggestion works.

As for the above comment,
its an MP4 file from OBS with one stereo audio track for game recording and one mono microphono signal

There it is. Open Broadcaster Software.

You can open the list of FFMpeg supported formats and see if OBS is in there. If OBS is relatively recent (I’ve never heard of it) then it may not appear in the FFMpeg list.


OBS stands for “Open Broadcaster Software”. See Open Broadcaster Software. Here is from Open Broadcaster Software:

Open Broadcaster Software is free and open source software for the purposes of streaming live media content to the internet or to video files.

You might want to take a look at this thread:

How to extract audio from OBS Multi .mp4 files

You could also try to open your MP4 file in Format Factory and convert it to MP3.


As the comment in that thread says

If you have the FFMPEG pulgin for Audacity, you should be able to just open it normally. It’ll ask what channel you want to import and then you go from there. I have no problems getting audio from my OBS Multi .mp4’s with that method.

@lotuseatermable, are you sure you are actually clicking to select the streams you want when Audacity asks you?