Please check sound quality and advise

Hi everybody,

I use Audacity for voice recordings. I have uploaded a 20 second Audacity project here (8 MB):

Could you please open the project in Audacity and tell me what settings you would chose to eliminate static, and if you think that soundproofing my walls would get me a better sound result?
Current setup: Rode NT1-A mic, Focusite Solo, microphone shield

Thank you so much in advance!

It doesn’t sound so noisy, I amplified and then used the sound reduction tool, the regular one that comes bundled with audacity (don’t know about another one), the result was a reasonably clear speech. About the background noise (noticeable before the noise reduction), I don’t know if it is environmental, so can’t tell you anything about soundproofing your walls.

You can post a mono, WAV, 20 second presentation on the forum. Scroll down from a forum text screen > Attachments > Add Files.

Your first post by my count is going through three different conversions and an unknown download site.


There is a constant cicada-like* noise at about 8.6kHz, which can be reduced with a notch-filter

[ * Could be electronic origin, rather than real cicadas ]

@Ivalogic thank you for your feedback, noise reduction is what I use too.
@Trebor thank you for your feedback and edited sample, sounds much better, did not know about this tool. The file was completely unprocessed, so I use noise reduction to get the final outcome, which then sounds pretty similar to what you have posted. I don’t know what the difference between noise reduction / notch filter would be. Could you please ellaborate on that? And how do you find the frequency of the noise, in this case 8.6khz?
@kozikowski I am uploading a 10 sec clip in wav because anything bigger than that will result in more than 2 Mb mx file size. Do you think you can also give me a piece of advice? I would really appreciate your help! :slight_smile:

Audacity can display sound as a waveform, (the default setting), or as a spectrogram which shows the frequency content in a multi-color display.
The constant-noise appears as a continuous horizontal band on the spectrogram at about 8.6kHz …