Please bring back the space bar

I’ve been test driving the 2.2.0 beta of Audacity for the last week, and I’m favorably impressed, but there’s one tiny feature I’d like restored: having the space bar still usable when clicked down into the audio position and start and end audio selection area at the bottom.
The space bar definitely works with 2.1.3, but it seems only logical that it should continue working with 2.2.0.
Thanks for maintaining such an excellent program!

Thanks for your comments, but I’m not exactly clear about what you mean. I think that you may be describing a ‘bug’.
Could you try to give a bit more description about the problem.
If you are unsure about the names of parts of the interface, please refer to the picture on the front page of the manual (the picture has “hover” text and can be clicked):

Thanks for the reply and for the tip on how to describe exactly which components I’m talking about.
What I’m talking about is when I’m clicked down in one of the parts of the Selection Toolbar not being able to stop audio playback with the spacebar until I click anywhere else on the Audacity screen.
With version 2.1.3, I was always able to start and stop the audio playback with just the spacebar when clicked down in the Selection Toolbar, but now I have to click the start and stop buttons directly.
I liked the previous behavior much better because it’s rather cumbersome having to move the mouse pointer around between the play and stop buttons.
It was so much quicker to find where exactly where I wanted my edits to go by first clicking in the audio start portion of the Selection Toolar, then starting the audio with the spacebar to start playback to listen for a moment, hitting the spacebar again to stop audio playback, then rapidly changing the start of the audio forward or backward in the Selection Toolbar using the keyboard, then restarting playback, and repeating the process until I find where I want to make my edit without having to move the mouse to find where I want to make the edit.
I know that’s a hell of a run-on sentence, but when you see exactly what I mean in action, it’s easy to see why it’s so much quicker having the spacebar work when using the Selection Toobar directly, and I’m certain that this is a bug because the “P” key still works to pause audio when using the Selection Toolbar directly.

I have logged this as a bug because I don’t believe it is an intentional “feature”, and I agree that it is more cumbersome than the behavior in previous versions of Audacity.

Thank you, Steve!

And it looks like it’s been fixed already for the next release (the upcoming 2.2.0) :sunglasses:


Well, this doesn’t seem to be fixed. Or, at least, it still doesn’t work ‘right’.

I have to press the space bar four times in order to get it to playback correctly. One click, it doesn’t do anything. Two clicks, it plays but without sound. Three clicks, it plays but with a delay in the sound. Fourth click, it finally plays it properly. Any suggestions?

Which version of Audacity? (Help > About Audacity)
Does playback work first time when clicking on the Play button?