Please assist with the very BASICS

I’m sorry if you think I should be able to figure this out for myself but I cannot see the wood for the trees. I’d be so grateful if a patient person could help me.

Audacity 2.0.3 installed on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

(1) I cannot see an option to auto-save recordings to a specific folder. I would like Audacity to save recordings in the same folder on my D-drive as my video recordings go to.

(2) I have done a simple test recording of this stream, here it is recorded with Debut Video Capture: (all you will see are “velvety tree ants” on a cam lens, all you will hear is rain!).

This is the settings page for Debut:

This is Audacity:

Audacity appears to be recording after I hit the red button, but when I hit Play no sound is heard even though the progress bar… progresses. Mind you, I didn’t see any “spikes” like I’ve seen on TV when someone is doing stuff with sound :blush:

(3) Is there a website like YouTube that hosts audio files for posting on forums etc?

I’ve just done another test - it looks as though it’s not possible for Audacity to record and save automatically but I’m lost. Any assistance gratefully received :slight_smile:

Please assist with the very BASICS

This isn’t “basic.”

Batch capturing shows, editing them, and exporting to a particular folder or directory and/or interacting with other programs is an advanced process. That’s one of the reasons nobody came galloping to your rescue.

I can give you diagnostic tools.

Edit > Preferences > Recording > [X] Playthrough (select)
That should allow you to hear what you’re doing. When you record, both the red recording and the green playback meters should bounce.

Right-click on the red recording meters and select Stert Monitoring. They should wake up and start showing you what you have presented to the input of Audacity for recording. If nothing happens, then you aren’t presenting anything. When you record, both the red meters and the blue waves should appear.

That’s normal.

If you have multiple programs all vying for supremacy in the audio and video services, Audacity could very well lose. It doesn’t play well with others. Close everything else, restart the machine and see if Audacity can record a simple internet sound track by capturing Stereo-Mix.


Audacity doesn’t do that yet. It’s a feature request.

Audacity remembers the last folder it exports audio files to. Export the file to D: then Export will open next time to D:.


Thank you for your replies.

Contrary to my “logic”, I can see that recording sound-only is going to be more complex and time-consuming for me than recording video-and-sound so I shall stick to the latter - I record live events so everything needs to be done fast.

It’s not that I haven’t tried - I’ve even discovered that “a batch record is a document that accompanies a pharmaceutical product as it is made” :astonished:

I’m sure it’s not Audacity’s fault, it’s just too sophisticated for me, beyond my understanding. Thank again :slight_smile:

If you are trying to record the sound your computer is making using Audacity, see …

If you have the video file on your computer, Audacity can quickly extract the sound from it if you install something called FFmpeg into Audacity, see …

An audio equivalent of YouTube is SoundCloud …

Owl-Cam soundtrack has conspicuous mains hum noise at 60Hz, which can be removed in Audacity
V-big 60Hz mains hum peak on Owl-Cam.gif

The frog chorus (and possible sampling artifact tone) can be removed by the same notch-filter method as for removing mains hum …

Trebor, thank you for all that eye-opening info! :slight_smile:

Attached more owl, less mains hum, (processed in Audacity) …

Audacity spectrogram of 'Owl ''EjA-gN-e7Ms'', 22-30s, before-after hum removal''.gif

Just to add that Audacity cannot record audio from web cams that have combined video and audio streams. Audacity will only recognise a web cam that has a separate audio stream.

Audacity has to be restarted (or Transport > Rescan Audio Devices used) if you connect a USB cam after launching Audacity.


That explains a lot!

Thank you for SoundCloud.

Thank you, Trebor, for the before/after demos - oh where were you when I needed you?! :cry: (and that’s not the worst of the buzz! We had a plague of problems with that cam last year, including bird-poo on the lens diluted by rain. The osps will be back around the end of March and we are waiting nervously, hoping improvements to equipment have been made - but “they” are blaming poor broadband to the remote area).

I appreciate everyone’s time.

Someone has very kindly PM’d me with another demo and interesting info - I can’t reply (too new) so am thanking them publicly - lots of food for thought! :open_mouth: