Playthru echo

While I’m recording from an external device, i can hear the songs, however, there’s an echo and sometimes i hear a different song. the playback is ok. it’s just on the playthru. any idea why?

Yes. You are listening to your music “one computer late.” That’s the time it takes your computer to accept the music, process it, turn it around, and convert it back to sound for you. You can’t ever get rid of this delay or latency with the standard software or build of Audacity.

It makes Overdubbing and Sound-On-Sound an adventure.

You can use one of the USB devices we reviewed instead of the standard sound pathways and listen to the device instead of the computer. That does work and everything comes out in real time – or seems to


Thanks very much for the reply. should I somehow close my posts?

No, but you could post back if you get it to work.