Plays too fast

I am a complete newcomer here and have a very trivial question. I open a file in Audacity and press the green arrow for Play and the whole three-minute song plays in the split of a second. I guess there is something wrong with some basic adjustments. It is probably so basic that no hints are available in the manual. Thanks a lot for helping me with this.

The problem is the file. It is in a format that is not understood by Audacity.
If you use a format converter program to convert it to WAV format it will play correctly.

If you use Audacity 1.3 you can install FFMpeg which enables Audacity to support several additional file formats. See here:

I have exactly the same problem. I edited a short wma file no problem but have just loaded one 28 mins long and can’t get Audacity to play it properly - it plays it in a flash. Will now look at converting file.

I have now downloaded the FFmpeg installer and the same problem persists. I also tried to convert it to a WAV file using AVS software but it came out as a AU format sound file (what is that?) Any further ideas anybody? Thanks

Are you on Windows and which one?


Audacity 1.3.11 will play the WMA files I’ve got without having to convert them into another format, if the FFMpeg library is present and located.
You may have to “Locate” the FFmpeg library for Audacity after you have downloaded it …
Audacity 1-3-11, Preferences, Libraries, Locate FFmpeg library.png
The “Preferences” option is at the bottom of the “Edit” drop down menu, (or simultaneously press “Ctrl” + “p” ).

New in Audacity 1.3.6

Major new capabilities

  • FFmpeg support (downloadable separately) permits import and export of a much wider range of file formats, including > WMA> , M4A and AC3, plus import of audio from video files