Plays perfectly on speakers through Aux cable, but records poorly on

Audacity will only record at all, when I select Line in as the default recording device. It will not work when I select Speakers (Loopback) as the recording device. I want it so that the audio records straight from my connected Android tablet. I’ve selected the best quality in Preferences, and I save the files to 44k wav or 320kbps mp3. As I said, when I play the Android tablet and the sound plays through my laptop speakers, the sound is fine. The recording quality is poor.

Make sure Windows “enhancements” are turned OFF.

I think that will also affect what you’re hearing in the computer speakers, but it’s something to check.

And that’s how you are connected? Headphone-out to line-in? Do you actually have line-in (blue on a regular soundcard)?

That should work as long as you select the “speakers” where the sound is coming out. But it’s really for recording streaming audio (where there is no physical analog or digital audio input connection and no other way to capture the audio) . And it records a mix of everything coming out of the soundcard, which you generally don’t want.

If you have a file on your tablet, it’s better to copy the digital file to your computer.

Thanks for your reply. Windows enhancements are turned off.

The connection is via the USB-C from my Android tablet, into a USB-C to 3.5mm adaptor, into an Aux cable, into the 3.5mm Headset jack in my laptop. The adaptor is for DAC. My laptop doesn’t have any other ports except HDMI, and old USB.

The sound is coming out of my laptop speakers. Audacity won’t record at all with this option selected.

It’s from an App, and it won’t let me download its files.

OK. That’s “wrong” but I’m not sure why you’re getting good sound out of your computer speakers. Unless that wrong connection is bypassing your soundcard and going directly to the amplifier. It seems weird but it would also explain why loopback isn’t working.

The headphone connection is an output. Sound (normally) comes out, not in.

The microphone connection can “work” but a headphone or line-level signal is about 100 times stronger than a microphone signal so you don’t normally get good quality. And the mic input is usually mono.

If your laptop has a combination microphone/headphone jack, you need a 4-conductor TRRS plug/adapter to make the microphone connection, but it’s still wrong if you’re not recording from a microphone. (A regular headphone plug will work for listening.)

The best solution is a USB audio interface with line inputs. The Behringer UCA202 is popular and relatively inexpensive. There are lot’s of higher-end interfaces with switchable mic/line inputs and you can find cheaper ones too. (But don’t get a regular little “USB soundcard” because they are like laptops with only mic-in and headphone-out.)

LOL, I’m not tech savvy with audio equipment!!! That all makes sense, I have noted what you said.

My Android tablet does not have line in and line out sockets, though. It has a headphone/mic jack, and a USB-C port. That’s it. :slight_smile: So, that device looks like it would work with a laptop, and audio equipment, but not a tablet which is where the sound is coming from (that I want to record to my laptop). What is your solution to this?

Let’s go back - What’s playing on the tablet? If it’s a file you should be able to copy it USB-to-USB digitally from the tablet to your computer without “recording” it.

If it’s streaming audio from the Internet, you should be able to stream to the computer (without the tablet) and use loopback.

The headphone output on the tablet is fine. (And you don’t need the special plug/adapter for the headphone output.)

The computer input is the problem.

Headphone & line level signals are about the same except that a headphone output is capable of driving headphones (lower impedance). And headphone outputs always have a volume control and sometimes line/aux outputs don’t. The volume control can be an advantage when using something like the UCA 202 which does not have a volume control knob.

Exactly what is this cable/device? There’s a chance that it can be used the other way around, with the USB plugged-into the computer for recording. …That would be great!

Let’s go back - What’s playing on the tablet? If it’s a file you should be able to copy it USB-to-USB digitally from the tablet to your computer without “recording” it.

It’s from an App, and it won’t let me download its files.

To add to that, I can’t download the App onto my laptop, it’s not compatible with Windows.

To summarise:

1. Android tablet only has a USB-C, and headset 3.5mm jack
2. Laptop has old USB, HDMI and a 3.5mm headset jack only
3. - how do I connect the Behringer device between the two?

I can see I can plug that Behringer device via old USB into my laptop, but how would I connect the line in and line out sockets, how would they connect to my Android tablet which has a USB-C and a headset 3.5mm jack?


The Behringer USB plugs-into the computer.

Between the Behringer and tablet you need a cable with a 3.5mm connector on one end and RCA connectors on the other end. (RCA connectors are pretty standard for line/aux connections, except on computers.)

…Some of the higher-end interfaces use 1/4-inch plugs for the line input. They usually have a “Neutrik” connector that accepts a “pro” XLR microphone plug or a 1/4-inch plug for a guitar or line. (They don’t work with computer mics.)

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