Playlist in Windows Media Player

Please help before I go nuts.
I am using Audacity to transfer a whole load of 45’s to CD.When exporting to WAV I save the songs by their song title.They end up(eventually) in Windows media player and I create playlists until I have a CD full. Then I burn them to CD.What I would like to do now is complete the playlist by adding track length,artist,genres etc., but as much as I have tried over the past two days I am not able to do it.
Is it possible or not?

Not from Audacity, no. The basic problem is that WAV files do not carry metadata tags (unlike MP3 files which do). But you need to stick with the WAV files for CD production.

You could try using iTunes to manage your playlists and CD burning - it can even be used to print sleeve liners with track listings. Note that even if you don’t own an iPod, you can still download iTunes for free -it’s a pretty neat music player for a PC too.


Thankyou so much for that. I wish I’d posted my problem earlier. It would have saved so much time and effort!!!