playing through a Behringer UMC22 no sound from my guitar

Im using the Behringer UMC22 to play over backing tracks in audacity my operating system is Windows 10 [latest update ] I can record my input from the guitar but cannot hear the guitar through the headphone whilst recording .I have only just bought this device can you offer any advice

Your headphones need to be plugged into the UMC22 and the “Direct Monitor” button should be “ON”.

Yes that is how I’m set up there was an update to windows 10 last night and now I’m not hearing the guitar whilst playing a backing track also the guitar is not recording or registering on the green recording slider my audacity system is the 2.2 and is set at 16 bit rate The spec for the umc 22 is 24 bit rate will that make any difference

Direct monitoring should be independent of the computer (other than for power). Perhaps there’s a problem with your leads, or something is not pressed that was pressed previously? Work through the entire signal chain from guitar to headphones to try and find where the signal disappears.