Playing pspadpcm in Debian 7

I have a WAV file from a blackberry Q10 I made with a philips voice app
I cannot read that file in audacity installed in Debian 7 (or installed in Win7).
It works in Win7 with media player and loading of the philips codecs from
Can somebody can help how to listen that file in Audacity?
Thanks a lot.

Audacity cannot import the file directly.

I believe the answer is no on Linux. You can try mplayer but it does not claim to support pspadpcm. It supports pspcelp.

On Windows, play the file and record it into Audacity as it plays.


Fine: this is exactly what i have already done (listen the file with the win7 dedia player and the Same time, make a Sound capture in mp3… and audacity can play later the mp3). But this workaround is not so good (it takes time, lost of the original sound file or file duplication). It would be good if the audacity developpers extend the audacity Programm for reading such file in the Future. Perhaps this could be a Task for the next release? As a new year present… :wink:

It appears to be a rather obscure proprietary codec, so I doubt that you will find a developer that is willing to spend the time reverse engineering a Linux codec (which may also contravene the license conditions of the format). Another obstacle to developing a decoder for Linux is the lack of a publicly available format specification. Have you been able to find any technical information about the format?

The only way Audacity will currently support pspadpcm is if FFmpeg supports it, which is unlikely for the reasons Steve states.

If you want to you can submit a request to FFmpeg at


or you could ask the makers of the “philips voice app” to convert to a standard format such as “(Microsoft) PCM WAV”.

here is the app (for blackberry Q10)

See the other post I made before

It looks to me like they are trying to sell you cloud storage. I think your best bet could be to find a better voice recorder app that does not have this format restriction.