Playing my audiobook on a phone

My audiobook is done. It’s on Amazon and Audible. I’m asking acquaintances to read it with a eye to reviewing it (still need them). My intention is to give the audiobook to them. Audible has a Promo program that sucks. Most of the people I’ve given promo codes to have not been able to get the download to work. I’m trying to figure out how to give them access to download the files and get them to play on whatever audiobook player they have on their phone. I have an iphone 8 and have been trying all afternoon to figure out how to get my apple player to ‘see’ the damn files that I’ve uploaded to my icloud. I tried installing another audio player. Same problems. It seems none of these apps are geared to deal with anything but commercial audiobooks. Frustrated. Has anyone found a reliable workaround?

The only audiobooks I ever bought were hardware CDs. Transfer the voices to my Portable Entertainment Device to go walking around the neighborhood.

There must be a process to keep you from making a million copies for all your friends. Do you have Windows set to show you filename extensions? All files show up with dot and three letters after the name. Music.mp3. Windows hides them (Music) so as not to confuse you. That’s fine until something goes wrong.

One classic messy thing that happened a while ago was someone sent around an MP3 of a popular music group. It arrived as PopularMusicGroup.mp3 (as an example). It was really PopularMusicGroup.mp3.exe and Windows was hiding the dot e x e part. An exe is a windows executable or action file (a program) which then took over your computer.

I would be telling Windows to stop hiding filename extensions and see exactly what you have there.

If I was doing this, I would give you a .html or a .xml file and in the background, your computer was downloading the book fresh each time you pressed play. You don’t have the book. You have a license. The latest version of iTunes works this way. “You” don’t have “your” music any more. The company is “holding” the music “for” you. There is no sound file to copy or manage.


There is a way out. Anybody with a few tricks can record what’s playing on the computer.

It’s real time. How many hours is the book?

You also have the book’s Edit Master WAV files, right? Load each one in Audacity and export a lower quality MP3 “Chapter-1, Chapter-2, etc.” It doesn’t have to be the super high 192 quality you had to send to ACX. Assuming it’s mono (one blue wave) it can be much lower 64 or 80 and nobody will know.