Playing different projects live with the mixer


Love Audacity. I’m wondering if I can pull the following off with it:

Recorded four tracks (Kick drum, Snare drum, percussion, bass guitar) and imported them into Audacity as a project. I can open up the mixer to have control of them. Kinda awesome.

Now…I want to do this in a live environment…using many many different songs. Each song will be its own “project” that will be opened up and played while I (guitar), a singer (keys), and one other singer perform along with it.

The reason I split those into four different tracks is for mixing purposes in various clubs. As you know, each club is different and one premixed track might sound good in one club and bad in another.

Is there a way to use the mixer in a universal way so it is not necessary to adjust each song as it is opened? For instance…say the bass drum needs a slight boost above 0 db. Would be nice to mix the bass drum slightly hotter and have that apply to every project as it is opened.

Is there a way to use the mixer in a universal way

What people usually mean by that is do production in real time. You want to real-time filter each song as it plays instead of applying a correction to each song and saving it.

No. That’s using Audacity as a live mixer and it won’t do that, unlike some other money-based programs. Doesn’t each club have a mixer in the booth? I’ve been known to bring an equalizer and stick it in the board feed to get this effect. They don’t have to be very large. You don’t need Third Octave.

Also, Windows has the ability to stick software between Audacity and Stereo Out. That’s how they do the Concert Hall effects. Does anybody make a live equalizer as a product? Fair warning you may get delays and echoes if you do that.


Haven’t found a stereo one yet.


Thanks Koz!

I wouldn’t actually need stereo the way I’m using it. I’m going out to my PA and stereo is a pain in that application.

I’ve got an EQ stompbox already. Not a bad idea for that particular thing (EQ). But my concern was something like the bass guitar, snare, or kick drum needing to be dialed back a bit on each song because of the properties of the club. I suppose I could make a note of the needed change (i.e. "-0.5 db) and apply that to each song quickly as I bring up the projects. Having the ability to open more than one project at a time is helpful there at least. We’ll probably have the singer who doesn’t play an instrument handle that.

I didn’t notice a keyboard shortcut for bringing up the mixer quickly…that would be nice to have.