Playing back unselected audio

Perhaps I’ve overlooked a simple procedure as a newcomer, one I could not find browsing the manual or here. There are short sections of audio I want to remove from songs, typically remix voice-overs. I understand this can be done with the cut tool. However I haven’t found a way to preview the pre and post sections to the selected (highlited) audio to be sure they match up before cutting and splicing. Or is there another way to remove unwanted sections of audio with perfect splicing? I only see the option to playback highlited sections, which just seems backwards.
Any suggestions appreciated.
Win7 pro, Audacity 2.1.1

Press C (or hold CTRL while clicking Play) to Play Cut Preview.


Thanks for the link. This is exactly what I needed!!

The default is set to play 2 seconds before and 1 after. These durations can be changed ig you wish in Preferences>Playback - see this page in the Manual: