Playing Audacity mp3s on android

I use windows 7, and audacity 2.0.5

I created an mp3 file on audacity and saved it. i then transferred it, using my computer, to my “music downloads” folder on my motorola moto-x phone.

i can see the file when i look in the “music downloads” folder on my computer, and even play it with media player, but i can’t find or play it on my phone’s “music downloads” folder.

can anyone offer some insight?

I think we need to get picky about the words. Audacity will not Save an MP3. You have to create a show in Audacity and Export it to MP3 using the Lame add-on software package. Is that what you actually did? That’s the only way Audacity will make an MP3.


If you can see the exported MP3 file on your computer that is the end of Audacity’s responsibility. I suggest you ask on the forums for your particular phone and/or Android forums.