Playing and recording 78s?

I seen another topic that kind of helped with this, but I wanted some more specific info.

I bought a Crosley CR6002A and stupidly did not realize that 78s are well, not included in that. I’m slowly learning. I have two records I need to upload with Audacity but I want to make sure I get this right. 1 is a standard 78, probably from the late 20s. The other is a Pathe 78, probably from the 1910s. I have two other records that are standard 78s and I played them on this, and they seemed fine. But now the more I’m reading I’m worried about using the Crosley needle, especially on the Pathe. Does anyone know anything about that? Or can point me in the right direction?

As for actually recording I know someone asked the how to record a 78 while doing 33 not too long ago. I didn’t really understand the advice. So I load up my record player, press record, and then what kind of settings will I need to make it come out near the proper speed in the mp3? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Have you seen this:

Specifically, you want to install a 78 rpm needle in the turntable. The grooves in a 78 rpm record are 4 times wider than a standard LP - the standard needle will bottom out in the grooves (at best) and may be damaged (at worst).

– Bill

Get a 3 mil sapphire needle and watch how many sides you play as the needle does not last as long as a diamond one. This should cover a huge portion of 78’s. After 1947, '48 some companies changed over to 1.5 mil so they could master LPs and 78s on the same lathe. Always use a sapphire needle.

BTW, Pathe records are vertical cut so you will get almost no audio using your stock 1 mil needle. You need the wider stylus.