Playing a TV through the computer

I think I should be able to play audio from my TV.
My TV has a headphone jack, I got a 6ft 3.5 aux cable, plugged into my Lime green Analog line level audio output for the main stereo signal (front speakers or headphones).

Is there a way to get this working so I can hear audio?
I could not seem to find it in guide or help.
A link would be appreciated

It should be.

Can you give us your versions from that pink band above ^ ?

Can you, in actual fact, plug headphones into that TV socket and hear sound?


Sorry bout that, My OS is “win7 64bit home premium”

The Headphone port on the TV does work.
I just would like to use the TV as “Speakers” that plug into my computer.
Not sure how to set this up correct I guess.

To make sure the port on the TV works I plugged my PS2 into the TV and pluged my headphones into the TV and heard music playing of my CD.

Win7 64 bit home premium

Headphones work on tv.

Try the blue line-in connection. :wink:

You’ve plugged an output into an output (like talking into someone’s mouth instead of talking into their ear).

Okay, Not sure what to do now… Maybe I need some audio enthusiast some take a look at this for me or something, I’am not sure what to do here.

DVDDoug is right. You plugged the cable into the wrong socket in back of the computer. The Blue socket is the stereo line-in. It may say so, or it may have the picture of a fan and arrow leading in like the middle connection here.


If you cannot hear the TV in the computer after connecting it to the blue line-in, open Windows Sound then in the Playback tab, unmute the line-in.

If the Playback tab does not have a control to unmute line-in, go to the Recording tab, right-click the line-in, choose Properties, then click the “Listen” tab. Enable “Listen to this device” and choose the correct playback device to receive the audio.