I HAVE LOADED VERSION 1.4 loaded fine recorded the album fine played back on the computer and played back on the computer CD drive disc…BUT WILL NOT PLAY BACK ON ANY OTHER MEDIA. ie’ car CD player or home CD player.
Car player said BAD DISC and the home unit just made noises.
any suggestions?

Version 1.4? I don’t think you’re talking about Audacity, which is what this forum is about. Audacity is still at 1.3. That said, it sounds like you might have burned your CD as a data CD, when you should have burned it as an audio CD. See if you can find an option for “Audio CD” in your CD-burning software. --Allen

Thank You
Allen, the software came with my ION turntable and when it loaded it said Audacity Versoin 1.4 and it says 1.4 on the CD.

Allen is correct, there is no Audacity 1.4 (yet).
You should download Audacity 1.2.6 or 1.3.7 from the main Audacity web site. I would recommend Audacity 1.3.7 as 1.2.6 is rather old now and 1.3.7 is often more stable than the “stable” version.

then why does my disc say version 1.4?

Every thing works fine except playing it on other media.
as I said it works perfect on the computer but will not play on anything other than the computer.
so I would say that the install went Okay! At least it records and plays on the computer… but that is not why I have it I need it to play in my vehicle off the CD.

That may be ION’s version number, or perhaps ION made a misprint. You can check the Audacity version by looking in “Help > About Audacity”.

Most likely you have created a data CD rather than an audio CD. If you are having trouble with your CD burning program, you could try CDBurnerXP (it’s free). (I presume that you use Windows).

By the way, this part of the forum is for “Forum Issues” (things like, “can I change the default forum colour scheme”).