Hello everyone,

I’ve got a little problem with playback. Maybe its my options that arent correct, it can be me. I’ve installed ubuntu, detected my sound card, but did some update. And since that update, I cant seem to be able to hear anything when I do a playback. The playback sound options have three devices, a thing that I had 5 options before. Now theres no choice, tried them all, didnt fix the problem.

I used to press play to hear what Ive recorded, and now, nothing. Just after an update. Seems windows got me so much in this update mood that I’m now afraid to update my linux. All worked fine before. Damn…

If any1’s got help, I would appreciate. You’re all great, thanks. :slight_smile:

Search for the file audacity.cfg and delete it. This will clear out Audacity’s preferences and give it a chance to correctly identify the changes to your system.
The default location is /home//.audacity/audacity.cfg
(note that “.audacity” is a hidden folder)