My name is Will and I am having difficulty with playback sound after a recording. What is my problem, and how can I fix it? Is ther a video I can view? :question:
I do have sound when recording, just not any when play back. Will appreciate your advice.
Thank you very much.

Describe your computer and how you’re listening. Do you have headphones plugged into the green soundcard socket? What are you recording? USB microphone?

Which Windows and which Audacity?


I am using windows 7
I am using Audacity 2.0.3
I am using external mike ( cassette player).

Ok, now that I have playback, I get an echo. Is there a change of setting to get rid of the echo?
Would it be 1950s music could be mono instead of stereo?

2.0.3 is very old. I recommend the latest 2.1.0 from

Recording music from a cassette player with an external microphone is desperation measures. If you have a separate line-in (blue) and mic in (pink), connect to the line-in and choose the line-in as recording device in Audacity’s Device Toolbar.

After obtaining 2.1.0, see Copying tapes, LPs and other media to CD or computer - Audacity Manual.

Choose the correct recording device in Device Toolbar. If you record from the external mic, choose that as the recording device. If you record from stereo mix or the internal mic in error you may record echoes.