playback with Windows Media

Windows Media will not playback music acquired from Numark turntable. I am using a windows 7 laptop with both Mozilla Firefox and Windows Explorer. When I delete Audacity from the computer, the files play fine. File extension is audacity’s: wma Error message says: Windows Media cannot playback this file …
I loaded Audacity with all the recommendations regarding Sigma Tel Audio, etc
Another question: Can I record from Numark to computer via USB without Audacity (sorry about that)?
Doc Fish

Do you mean when you disconnect the turntable, the files play fine? See Why have I lost sound after connecting a USB device on Windows?.

Playing files with the USB turntable set as the computer playback device would not normally give an error message - you just would not hear anything. Did you do something strange when you exported the WMA like change the project rate bottom left of Audacity to an unusual number, or add unusual metadata tags?

Anyway, I would uninstall the version of Audacity you obtained, do a deep anti-virus scan with Malwarebytes or similar, then obtain Audacity 2.1.1 from Viruses on your computer can produce all types of weird behaviour.

With another digital recording application, yes. You can even use Windows Sound Recorder if Numark is set as the Windows default recording device, but I would not do that because (I think) Sound Recorder forces you to save in a lossy WMA format. You want to record in WAV so you have a lossless file you can edit with, and then only when you have finished editing, save in a lossy format.

Please note we can only help you with Audacity, not with other editing software.


File extension is audacity’s: wma

Have you tried exporting to WAV?

When I delete Audacity from the computer, the files play fine.

Strange… Does Audacity interfere when you try to play other WMA files in Windows Media Player? How about when you try to play other formats?

Can I record from Numark to computer via USB without Audacity (sorry about that)?

Absolutely. As long as the USB driver* works, any Windows recording software will work (just like any printer will work with any application, as long as you have the Windows driver). But, I don’t think recording is the problem… Maybe your problem has something to do with WMA encoding?

[u]Gizmos[/u] has a couple of FREE alternatives to Audacity. [u]Total Recorder[/u] ($18 USB and up) should work, or [u]GoldWave[/u] ($60 USD after free trial). Note that the current version of GoldWave only works on 64-bit Windows, although you can get the older versions (and lifetime upgrades are free).


  • USB audio devices often work with the Windows-supplied generic drivers, so you often don’t need to install a driver (depending on the particular hardware). Sometimes Windows will think a USB turntable is a USB microphone, which isn’t a problem as long as it’s set-up as a stereo mic.