Playback Will Not Advance - Location Indicator Stuck

Hello - First I want to say what an awesome product this is.

I’m in the middle of editing and splice together a project. Suddenly, Audacity won’t playback.

If I simply click into an audio segment and click the play button, it tries to advance but doesn’t.
I can see the tracking indicator try to advance, but it goes nowhere (multi-track project).

If I highlight a segment of audio and click the play button, again, it tries to advance but doesn’t.

I have closed the non-functional file. Shutdown the program. Re-launched the program.
Re-opened the offending file. No change it still won’t play.

Again, close the files and programs, launch the application, go to another file, one that played fine previously, it won’t play.

Any suggestions? I’m hoping I just inadvertently pressed some variety of keystroke that has disabled Playback.
Un-install the software and re-install?

Did you finally get to the end of your hard drive?

Start > My Computer > Right-Click C: > Properties. You need about 10% free space (or more) to edit.

If you go down and look, a good response is a number or two not a word.


I’m running Win7, Audacity 2.0.2

I was in the midst of editing a clip and the playback function stopped working.
It is a multi-track project. So I could see the location indicator trying to advance as the vertical bar would blink out on the non-current track.

I can move the indicator by clicking to a new location, click Play, and same result, no Playback.
I can highlight a section for Playback, click Play, and it will not Play.

I shut the project. Closed Audacity. Launched Audacity. Open the malfunctioning clip/file. It won’t play, the indicator won’t advance.
Closed Audacity. Launched Audacity. Open another file/project that was not open at the time. It won’t play.

Did I inadvertently press some combination of keystrokes that disabled Play?

I have WinAmp as my MP3 player.
I have noted sometimes if both programs are running, WinAmp won’t play or launch an MP3, that is/was associated with Audacity.
Has this been noted as an issue? A conflict of resources, maybe?

I’m currently backing up all the Audacity projects, files and folders, clips, etc.
After this completes, I will shutdown the computer, re-boot and retry try the projects and playback.
If that doesn’t resolve the problem, I will un-install and install the new 2.0.3

Any ideas of if some set of keystrokes locked-up Play functionality?

Thanks for any suggestions.


Thanks for the reply.

I have 319 GB Free and have 131GB Used.
So plenty of space on the HD.

Shucks. That was the low-hanging fruit.

I need to leave for a while. The other elves will be along.


Which version of Audacity are you currently using (Look in “Help > About Audacity”)
Let us know what happens after you reboot.

I’m running Win7 (Home Premium w/ Service Pack 1), 64-bit OS
Intel Core i3 CPU M380 @ 2.53GHz, 4GB RAM

Audacity 2.0.2

The Re-Boot was successful.
For all its supposed advances, the WinDoze rule still applies.

When all else fails, and before taking other drastic actions,

Re-Boot Windows.

Guess what? It’s now 2020, I have version 2.3.3. Same issue.

It’s probably a sound card problem.