Playback while recording

Okay guys, here’s what’s up:
I have a drum track that I created with this software called Hydrogen. I imported it into Audacity just fine. It plays back just fine. However, when I attempt to record a bass over the drum track, the drum track does not play, and I need to hear that track to stay in time with the song. Now, I am a beginner, so I might be making a common error, but if I’m not, can somebody help me?

“Edit > Preferences > Audio I/O”
Select “play other tracks while recording new one”

Hey thanks man! I just used it today and I did that. It really helped. Thanks again!

I have a question about this.

Does this function play back one track while you record a seperate one, or are you actually recording ONTO the track that is being played back?

Try it out - it’s the best way to learn. (well that and the tips and tutorials in the Audacity Wiki )