playback while recording

The (German) Handbook says Datei > Einstellungen > Audio E/A"
but I cannot see Einstellungen under Datei
and under Einstellungen there is no Audio E/A
How can I hear what I am recording ??
Audacity 2.1 on Windows 8.1 64 bit

Because its actually in the Bearbiten menu, at the bottom.

I think that long ago it used to be in the Datei menu.

Can you post a link to the translated German page in the Manual so I can try to take a look at correcting that?



Thanks but I couldn’t find it there either.
I shall mail you some other errors I saw.
Is there an English/up-to-date Manual?
can you send me your mail address?

And, when you open Preferences (Einstellungen), Software Playthrough is in the “Aufnahme” section of Preferences.

Or Software Playthrough is in in the “Transport” menu at “Aufnahme gleichzeitig wiedergeben”.


Sorry but we don’t allow posting of e-mail addresses, for your own protection. Spambots or even bad people can see your address and then send you spam messages.

If the manual you are reading refers to Audio E/A it cannot be later than the early Audacity 1.3 Beta series.

The up-to-date English Audacity Manual is here:

There is no significant volunteer effort right now to produce a German version of that. Volunteers are welcome.