Playback went silent while meter bars show active audio

I’m using Audacity 2.3.2 on a fairly fast Win 7 PC.
I’ve used it for hours of radio work each week for at least a couple of years.
I’ve been able to process a section of audio, then listen to the result right then and there.
Suddenly, a week or so ago, Audacity’s playback went silent even while the meter bars showed full activity.
My audio equipment is not the problem. I can still export then listen using WMP, VLC Media Player, Winamp, etc.
Once, I rebooted the PC and Audacity’s playback went back to normal. … until the next day.
This is a real puzzler for me.
What am I missing?


Very similar/identical problem. My playback bug started a short while after I installed the new version (3.2) although I had a couple of successful playbacks first.

With 3.2.0 Muse removed the Mixer Toolbar and replaced it with sliders on the meter toolbars.

I suspect you have nudged the Playback slider to the left so that no sound can be heard (the meter shows the level of the signal from the project - NOT the volume at your speakers).


I posted one possible solution to this that isn’t mentioned above. Search playback and look for [SOLVED]