playback volume increase during recording

Running 2.1.1 on windows 7 installed from website using .exe

Has anyone experienced the sound volume increasing the decreasing while listening to the recording while recording.
The increase does not show up on the meters nor does it show up on the finished recording.
I don’t think it’s my soundcard, as this would effect the recording.
I don’t think it’s my speakers, as the only time it happens is during recording.
The increase in volume only lasts a minute or so, sometimes less,
and has only started doing it since I started using 2.1.1
Has anyone have any thoughts on this problem?

Describe the show.


not sure what you mean
“describe the show”
if you mean the meters, they show just normal levels of record
does not show any spike.
Problem does not happen all the time
just got done with some more recording and did not happen

Are you singing into a microphone? Recording YouTube?

How many times has this happened? Some computers have effects in the playback system and that can cause odd sound that doesn’t become part of the show. I don’t know of anything in Audacity 2.1.1 that can cause this Audacity does not apply effects and filters in real time.

Sound routing is set in Audacity. Make sure your playback device in the Device Toolbar is where you’re expecting it to be.


I am recording vinyl records to my computer.
The playthru sound increases for a second or so thru the speakers
but not on the recording

Are you using Skype? That might have strange consequences. If so try turning it off.