Playback volume drops when other instruments are added

If I play a guitar track solo, the volume is consistent; but if I play all the tracks, the playback volume of the guitar track drops about 3dB when the bass and/or Drums start to play. All of the tracks play correctly solo in Audacity or Media Player Classic. If I export the tracks, the drop in volume is also saved.

Changing the Host and Playback Device in Audio Settings does not correct the problem, no did a driver update. Is there anything else I can try?

Disable Windows “loudness equalization” playback audio-enhancement

Trebor, Thank you soooo much. That worked.

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Windows so called enhancements cause so much trouble!!! Utterly useless for any audio work other than very basic.

Can we add a check in audacity to warn if are enabled?

I did look at creating a little utility to help but got a bit stuck finding a suitable API or registry setting. Perhaps I’ll try again.