Playback via your Microphone

Hey guys, was wondering if you can give me just a little bit of help please.

I have done this before, but It’s been so long I just completely forgot. I’ve got some recordings I want to playback over Ventrilo, but I want it to play instead of my microphone.


This is basically how ventrilo works
Microphone >>>> Ventrilo >>>> Ventrilo Recipients

I want Audacity to cut my microphone off completely, and play my recordings over Ventrilo. Playing it into my mic really just doesn’t have the same effect.

I remember changing the Stereo Mix to Microphone before, but it doesn’t seem to work now :confused:

Anyway, thanks for reading, all help is appreciated.

Ventrilo probably appears to the system as a destination, like speaker or headphones. Your task is to find the panel with the Ventrilo device listed and select that as the playback target. If you’re in Windows, that could take weeks.

If you succeed, you may not be able to hear the playback locally as it goes out to the other users.

Does Venrtrilo have little bouncing lights sound meters so you can keep track of what you’re doing? Is it possible that Ventrilo has a setting that allows you to send a sound instead of the microphone. Conferencing software tends to keep a death grip on the sound services to try and increase their success rate.