playback to fast

when i record from my decks through a behringer djx900 usb mixer it plays back much faster than true speed
im using an hp pavilion dv6 notebook pc its got a 11 duel core mobile m520 2.3ghz processer with 4gb ram and 64bit op system
im using the latest version of audacity on windows 7
many thanks

That usually means the capture was happening too slow (I thought we had a write-up about this…).

It’s possible the notebook speed isn’t up to recording live audio. Has it ever worked? Make sure the notebook isn’t doing anything else. Stop all other activities, turn off the network or WiFi. Shut down Skype and restart before you record.

The sample rate should be set so it matches what the mixer is expecting; usually 44100 or 48000. Consult your instructions. Set in Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Quality: Sample Rate.



To make sure that is actually true, you should download Audacity from us at See the pink panel at the top of the page. Some sites out there only have older Audacity versions, and a few will harm your computer if you download files from their site.