Playback timeline shifts upon hitting Play

Windows 10/Audacity 3.0.2

Have used Audacity for many years. New to 3.0.2:

(1) Have 3 minute audio track
(2) Reduce size so entire track fits into window. Position cursor at 0:00
(3) Hit Play
(4) Audacity shifts timeline right so left side of playback shows -3:30
(5) Older versions simply started where cursor was positioned without shifting timeline.
(6) Very annoying to have timeline shift.

What must I do so that playback starts at cursor without shifting timeline to the right and therefore introducing “minus” timeline on left hand side of screen?



You have accidentally enabled “Pinned play head”.
Click on the “thumb tack” icon on the extreme left end of the time ruler, and turn off “Pinned Play Head”.
(More info: