playback through usb audio codec versus stereo

I have just noticed that while recording and playing back a song through audacity that certain parts of the song seem to be channeled out. What I mean is that certain parts of the track are not heard while i play it through audacity versus when i play it through my stereo. Example: I’m recording the remix version of Patti Labelle’s “Stir It Up” and in my stereo you can clearly hear the tambourine whereas when i play it through audacity it has disappeared. I have been known to have an incredible ear when it comes to noticing differences but this one truly astounds me. Does this have anything to do with the 32-bit 16-bit differences of the 44100 hz versus the other options? I am perplexed by far because at first i thought it was an issue with the IDT 3D Audio Control Panel (The 3D effect).

Probably not.

Do you now have that option switched off?

How are you listening? through loudspeakers? through headphones?

If you use the “Pan” ( L—R ) slider on the left end of the track, and move it to the extreme Left / extreme Right, do the Left/Right channels sound correct?