Playback suddenly has no volume

I’m using the latest version of audacity. So far it has performed flawlessly. Today suddenly it no longer played back in windows. You can see the meters. Nothing is muted and yet windows does not get any sound from it. For a short time I got extraordinarily faint sound. I mean incredibly faint, like I was wondering what I was hearing for a second and put my ears near the laptop speaker and I heard the very faintest of sound.

I tried restarting windows. Running the windows, audio troubleshooter at one point it said it needed to reconfigure some settings but that did not help. I uninstalled and reinstalled audacity. All of the other sound on the computer works fine. Playing any wav or MP3 files on the computer other programs works fine.

The problem persists.

Could I get a screenshot of Audacity while the problem persists?

I wish I could remember which control I hit, but it essentially asked if I wanted to completely wipe everything out. When I did that things went back to normal, and the audio worked. I lost all of my history as well, but that’s not a big deal I forget which drop down menu that control ended up being in.

It was kind of strange that even when uninstalling audacity and removing everything else in the audacity folder manually that wouldn’t come out with the uninstall it kept on remembering my history.

Well, interesting. I’m sorry you lost your history, but at least you have sound now.

It’s possible to accidentally move the track gain slider to the left, virtually muting the track.
[There is faint (-36dB) sound, not actual silence].

That wasn’t the case here. Clearly at some point some parameter got changed and I’m not sure how that happened. It’s not my first rodeo with DAW so I did a lot of troubleshooting before. I finally posted here. And almost just as suddenly found a buried option to pretty much reset everything

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