Playback speed up/down & EQ

I’m using Audacity to practice songs on guitar, and it would be useful to slow down playback by x% without changing pitch. I know there’s the “Change Tempo” effect that can do that, but that modifies the actual track. I’m looking for a “temporary” effect that only applies during playback. The Play-at-speed does what I’m looking for except it changes the pitch which obviously isn’t very useful when trying to practice something on the guitar.

Similarly, it would sometimes be useful to change the EQ (e.g. bring in more bass) without modifying the actual track.

Does this capability exist somehow? Maybe through a plugin? I couldn’t find anything…


Audacity doesn’t do “real-time effects”.

In Audacity, you could duplicate the track (, then slow down the duplicate and use the track’s “solo” button to play just that one track. When you’ve finished, use “Undo” to step back to before the track was duplicated, or just delete the track by clicking the [X] in the top left corner of the track.