Playback sounds weird. Guitar on left speaker and vocals on right

Hi Y’all,

New to the recording space and needed some help. I set up my focusrite 2i2 to HP laptop. Downloaded audacity. My goal is to record vocals and guitar. When I play back the recording, I can only hear the guitar on left headphone and vocals on right. Has anyone had an issue with this before?

That’s normal. Usually channel-1 on the left and channel-2 on the right.

If you split the stereo track you can edit the two tracks separately and there will be left-right sliders to the left of each waveform and you can move them toward the center.

A guitar and vocal is a little tricky unless you want to make a mono track. Usually vocals are centered with the other instruments spread left to right across the virtual soundstage. You might want to double the guitar (don’t copy it, record the guitar part again). Pan one copy to the left and the other to the right and you’ll have a stereo recording.

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