Playback sound quality lousy, Part 2


I have installed a Creative USB sound card on my Windows 7 HP desktop.

I tried recording a streaming audio and playback in Audacity sounds better but it’s not 100 percent yet. When I split the track and mute the right channel the left channel plays fair quality, but when I mute the left channel poor quality sound comes out of both speakers.

I encoded the sample to MP3 at 160 bit rate and the quality is worse when played on Winamp.

Any suggestions would help. The Creative Sound Blaster card is the cheapest. Should I return it and get a better quality card?


Most PCs are “blessed” with sound cards that are mediocre or worse, hence the range of after market sound card upgrades that are available,

Wait. You killed right and left works OK, and killed left and distorted right comes out of both?

Does it pass this test clip? Just download, open it and play it. It’s short. 39 seconds.