Playback Skipping ver 3.1 - 3.3

All of a sudden playback of file skip at random points. Tried everything, reinstall, drivers, clear caches, sound / device settings, etc. Nothing works. Win 10. Never did this…

So here are three things to try:

  1. Increase buffering from 100ms to 200ms

  2. Reboot your computer and don’t start up anything else, particularly your browser, and don’t connect to the internet.

  3. Try different hosts, WASAPI, Direct Sound, MME

Ok we tried all that - no go. BUT, we did find after hours of trouble shooting, it seems audacity does not like to play mp3 files across a network even if on the same network.

Could not replicate this skipping in audacity not adobe, garage band, or other software.

Never had this issue over the years. Weird! We will post updates if this is still an issue as we moved content to the same win 10 system and no more skips. Odd!

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