playback seems to be slipping

Hi …I am new to audacity and I have downloaded the latest version 2.1.2 with .exe installer,on windows 7. I have tried to record a cassette tape onto Audacity using a usb connection. tape plays fine through headphones on cassette player and I managed to record onto Audacity, but, when playing back it sounds as though it is slipping…am I doing something wrong?
Thanks for reading and hope someone can help me…

Are there small pieces of the recording missing, or is the speed incorrect? Perhaps you could attach an audio sample so we could hear the problem.

What is the make and model number of the USB device you are using?


Thanks for your speedy reply .no the recording is complete …it is only some parts that sound as though they are dragging/slipping. I am not really very computer literate but I will try and post a clip later to let you hear…when i play it before recording it is fine so I think it might be the settings somewher that are wrong…I have to go out shortly but will see what I can do later…thanks again for your reply…