Playback/Recording configuration issue

I am using Audacity 2.3.3 on a Windows 10 desktop computer. Before I connect my ITT USB Turntable to the computer, the sound card configuration is as follows: PLAYBACK: Two NVIDIA outputs - both “not plugged in”; Speakers (connected to the 3.5 m.m. jack at the back of the computer) Realtek Digital Output - set as default Communication Device. RECORDING: Three Realtek devices - Microphone and Line In - both “not plugged in” and Stereo Mix - disabled.
When the USB turntable is connected and the “Device Setup” has completed, I configure Audacity to PLAYBACK Realtek Digital Output; and RECORDING to USB Audio Codec. Audacity works OK on these settings but, in the computer’s Playback setting, the Speakers Realtek has been changed to “USB Codec” meaning that my Speakers do not work on non Audacity operations.

I would welcome advice as how I can avoid this issue. Thanks in anticipation.