Playback problems

after recording audio, I can’t get playback through my headphones. I am working with audiobooks and i need the sound in my headphones. I have a Audient iD4 interface. My mic and speakers are both set to Audient iD4, but I get nothing coming out of headphones, nor does the cursor or recording level show playback. I can’t get any positive results switching the speakers to Microsoft Sound mapper. When I switch to Dell SE2417HG I can see the cursor and recording level show playback, but I still can’t get anything coming out of headphones. I have tried messing with my playback device on my computer; I have gone to ‘preferences’ ‘devices’ and selected AudientiD4 for my playback within Audacity, but still no luck. I am running Audacity 2.3.3. This setup has worked for me in the past, but not since using this newest version of Audacity. I am working on Windows 10. I’m not very savvy with this stuff and any help would certainly be appreciated.


Start by checking the output to your headphones in general. From the windows start button find the run option and type in mmsys.cpl. If you can’t find the run option search for it using the search facility on the toolbar. When the sound control panel comes up you will see a list of all playback devices. Choose the one that your headphones are plugged in to and right click. You can select test and make sure you hear the left and right sounds or you can select properties and look more closely at the current settings. If this works then the same device selected in Audacity should also work.