Playback out of sync in L and R earphones

Hi. I am new to Audacity and have been experimenting with it.

I have noticed that if I make a voice recording in Audacity and then export it, when it plays back, the sound in the left and right earphones is slightly out of sync and is a bit distracting.

(I did the recordings in mono but also tested recording in stereo, with the same result.)

I tested my microphone using other software, with varying results. (NB I firstly changed my microphone in the Control Panel to the correct microphone and tested which mic was being picked up.)

PowerPoint - no sync issue
Vyond - no sync issue
Audacity - no sync issue in project, but sync issue on playback of exported audio
Voice Recorder - sync issue on playback.

Any thoughts would be welcome.

Windows audio playback enhancements can add delay (pseudo surround-sound).
All such audio enhancements should be switched off …

That’s interesting Trebor. Thank you for replying.

I have done some further testing. This time I imported the MP3 file into Wondershare Filmora, then tested exporting in mono and then tested exporting in stereo. Rather surprisingly, the stereo export option resolved the balance issue.

(NB I have tested the 3 export options in Audacity - mono and the 2 stereo options - but the output balance issue remains.)

Recording, editing and exporting in Audacity, then importing into Wondershare Filmora and exporting in stereo is a rather convoluted way of achieving my goals. I don’t know why it works. Just got there by a process of elimination. It would be far better if I could do everything in Audacity, as the import/export steps in Wondershare Filmora add to the time it takes to create the recordings.

Any ideas why this could be happening?

If you are sharing audio between editors it should be in WAV format.
MP3 format degrades quality (lossy compression) and will put things out of sync, by adding ~0.1 seconds of silence at the start.

Thanks. That’s really interesting. I have tested this and can see what you mean. If I change these settings the windows output removes the adjusted sound and the issue is eliminated.

So, it will depend on the listener’s device settings, which I cannot control, so I’m trying to find a way of preventing this from happening in the first instance.

Thanks Trebor. I am trying to find a way of avoiding transferring the audio between editors. If I can work out a way of doing all of this in Audacity, that would be perfect, but If I can’t, I’ll save in WAV format in Audacity in the first instance, as you have suggested, before importing into Wondershare Filmora, to avoid any loss of quality.

Thanks for all of your suggestions so far.

I would welcome any further thoughts about how to prevent this effect for all device users/settings, by controlling the settings within Audacity (if this is possible).

The sample-rate for sound in video is 48000Hz.

The default sample-rate for Audacity is 44100Hz.

You could try changing the project-rate in Audacity to 48000Hz for consistency sake.
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