Playback or projects created on another PC

I created many .aup files on a PC running Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit and Audacity 2.0.2. When that computer died, I replaced it with another Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, downloaded Audacity 2.0.5 and copied the Projects folder to the new PC. When I open a project to play it, it displays only a horizontal line which is as long as the music saved in the project (let’s say 20:13 long) but plays no sound. The output volume is set to the maximum setting, but no playback. I could start changing settings randomly in hopes of solving this problem, but I thought I’d ask for guidance. One lead that may help: the new PC has ProShield security installed, and I wondered if folder and file permissions may be getting in the way. I don’t have much experience with ProShield either, sorry to say. What puzzles me is that Audacity apparently has the file open as the project has the correct duration, but there’s no sound at all. Thanks for your help.

Are there any errors shown when opening the projects, if so what do the errors say exactly?

If you see no errors, quit Audacity, restart it, open one of the projects then post the contents from Help > Show Log… .

When you copied the projects from the other computer did you copy in any imported WAV or AIFF files that the projects contained? You can do that at File > Check Dependencies… before saving the project.


I’m really embarrassed about this, but, without changing anything (to my knowledge), I restarted Audacity, opened a project and it played correctly. I tried it with a few others, and they were also correct. I swear, it was failed every single time before I wrote this inquiry. Thanks for your help.


The most obvious explanation is that Audacity could not read the drive the project _data folder is stored on.

Try to avoid having the project _data folder open in Explorer. Check if your security or anti-virus program might have been scanning in the _data folder. Either of those could occasionally cause a problem.