Playback Off Beat

HI!! So, whenever I record something, it sounds fine, but when I play it back, it’s off-beat!! There is no latency when I record or monitor my voice. Everything was working fine until I got a new microphone, so I switched back to my old one thinking it would solve the problem, but nope.
I have already tried the Rythum track solution 1000 times.
How can I fix this?

So there is always latency or a delay from when the sound goes into a general-purpose computer to when it is actually recorded. This is inherent because of the buffering process used. Typically this latency is on the order of 100ms or 0.1 seconds, which is the size of the buffer used.

Dedicated hardware devices such as a mixer or microphone are NOT general-purpose computers, do not buffer, and do not introduce latency. So if you are directly monitoring your microphone from the mixer or microphone, there is no latency.

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