Playback of mp3 files very crackly and to an extent distorted

Recent problem when loading in any mp3, or playing back a recording I have made and exported as mp3, the sound is very crackly and to an extent distorted.

Tried uninstall and reinstall of audacity. PC is windows 10.

Hope someone can help me fix as Audacity is / was my program of choice !


If the problem is with the recording, check here:

Otherwise, for Windows, check that all of your sampling rates agree. Usually you want them at 44100 (or 48000). Audacity’s sampling rate is in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. For the Windows sample rate, run “mmsys.cpl” from the Windows search bar. Then select Playback, your device, Properties, Advanced, Default Rate.

You can also try adjusting the buffer length:

If you are using Bluetooth headphones/speakers, you may never be able to get rid of the crackling, but you can try updating the drivers and firmware.