Playback noises

When playing back recorded material I get a pop or a clicking noise in my headset. It’s not in the recording itself . I was wondering what causes it and if it can be fixed.
Thanks in advance for the help

Audacity 2.4.2
Windows 10

in my headset.


If you have good wired headphones, you can use them to troubleshoot sound problems. They’re super simple and don’t depend on a quiet room, environmental friendliness, or radio connections to work.

Wireless is always subject to the radio connection and if your app doesn’t know how to deal with tiny radio service interruptions, it can sound worse than it is.

Headsets are a problem. The bluetooth connection has to maintain perfect quality in both directions at the same time. It doesn’t and that can give you odd interruptions and noises.

Let us know.


It’s not in the recording itself.

So, it happens with all audio files including “known good” files?

Does this happen only with Audacity or also with Windows Media Player (or whatever player software you normally use)?

Does it happen when you’re not playing any sound?

No, wired …and ONLY with recorded Audacity material.

So, it’s actually a recording problem…

It could be [u]dropouts[/u] (usually related to multitasking causing the audio to be interrupted). If it’s not dropouts, noise is an analog or acoustic problem.