Playback noise problem (SOLVED)

Whenever I play back my voice it sounds like it’s under water. There is this weird background noise. It sounds almost under water and “swirly”. I have used different mics and I have recorded in my closet with towels around me. I do not hear it in the headphones when I am recording, but during playback its very noticeable. I have even tried another computer and still have the same problem.

Win7 and I think Vista try to “help you” by processing your voice for conferencing. You generally don’t want that for entertainment recording (singing, guitar, etc.) so you have to turn that off while you record.


Thanks for the reply. I do have Windows 7 but those settings do not exist for me. I do not have any type of “Enhancements” tab under the properties of my microphone for recording. I do for the playback on my speakers but none of them are enabled.

I have attached a sample recording so you can hear what I am hearing. Keep in mind that this noise is not heard in the room or through my headphones.


I actually figured out the issue. For some reason, the internal mic on my laptop was still active and picking up sound while I was recording with my external mic. Once I disabled the internal mic every was fine. Thanks!

Sorry we didn’t get to you sooner, but glad that you’ve got it fixed. I’ll mark this topic as solved.