Playback Meter Versus Audacity Mixer Board

I really like the Playback Meter, BUT ‘Can we get a floating window like Audacity Mixer Board’.
I prefer the Playback Meter style. Can anyone HELP ME!

Using: Windows 10 - Audacity 2.3.2

Thank you.

There’s a “knurled” vertical bar just to the left of the speaker icon on the left end of the playback meter. That is a “drag bar”. If you click on that bar, you can drag the meter out of its docked position so that it is floating.
To “re-dock” the meter toolbar, drag it back into the main toolbar area, or select “Reset Toolbars” from “View menu > Toolbars”.

Note that toolbars are also resizeable by clicking and dragging the right hand end of the toolbar.

Thank you. Understand all. Thanks.
BUT when I minimise the main window it disappeared.
I would like it to float out side of the main window when I minimise Audacity.
Like it does with Audacity Mixer Board.
Can this be done?

Many thanks


When I have Audacity with a Mixer Board showing

a) when I minimize Audacity the Mixer board minimizes with it

b) I can minimize the mixer board independently of the Audacity project window



By clicking the minimize buttons …


I would like to do this below.

When I minimize Audacity project window. The mixer board is still floating on my screen.
And I can share window on Zoom.

Whereas the Playback Meter does not.

I would like to do this with the Playback Meter or a window like the mixer board.

Hope this is clear. Sorry!

Perfectly clear - but the underlying problem is that the floating tools, in you case the meters, are not “windows” as such - they are detached parts of the Audacity Window and hence when Audacity is minimized they go too. And I don’t think it’s possible to change that.


Thank you for you help.
Maybe Audacity could make this a feature in the future.
all the best


On Linux, it’s possible to put the main Audacity window on one “Desktop”, and place toolbars on another Desktop. Linux allows easy switching between multiple “virtual” Desktops. I’ve heard that Windows 10 now also has this ability, so perhaps that would be a solution for you (?)