Playback "lag" after fading track

Hi everyone,

Sorry if this question has been posted before, but I couldn’t find anything on it.

Basically, my problem is that after I perform any sort of fade with the envelope tool, the fade will occur roughly a full second after where it appears visually on my screen.

For example, if I fade a track in at :30, visually I can see that it is faded in at :30, but when I play the track, the fade in will not audibly occur until :31.

I tried to bypass this problem by using the “fade in” tool instead, but the same thing still happens.

Any idea why the problem might be? Is it just my slow computer?

Thank you

on a slow computer the indicated playback position may not be quite in sync with the audio that is actually playing.
If you apply an effect or an edit at a particular point on the waveform, then that is the position that it will actually be, even if the playback cursor is not indicating quite the right position.

I’m a bit surprised that this is happening to a noticeable extent - how slow is your machine? Do you have any specifications for it? Which version of Windows are you using?